May 2016

May 2016

Mirabelle I hope that you will experience many happy returns of the twenty first of May. It’s already sixteen years ago that you were born. That birth is indelibly printed in on my memory. How happy mamma was with you, how happy we were with you. Your first year you spent in our home in Rockanje. You were the reason of happiness for us. We were so very glad with you. I’ll never forget that feeling. I do hope so dearly you are happy in your teens, that your health is good and that your back is good again, that you are doing well at school. I hope you are happy with your family and your friends. I wish you all the best.


That also Finn and Kirse will never forget you, proves this photo: on your birthday they ate mirabelles in honor of you.


The weather in the Netherlands in May

The first ten days of May were sunny. After the fifth of May we even had days with summery temperatures of 25 degrees or more. In the weekend of Whitsun however we experienced the coldest Whitsun since 1951. On the twenty second and twenty-third of May it was very cold for May. So temperature was very instable in Holland in May.



In this month I often played the piano to accompany another person with another musical instrument. At the second of May my cousin André and his wife Riet came for a day. Riet plays the recorder. During their visit we took the time to play together and we enjoyed it in such a way that we promised each other to do it more.

And at the twentieth of May my girl-friend Ada and I organized a “Takkenbosconcert” (“Takkenbos” is the name of our house) for our two girl-friends of the swimming-pool. Ada and I gave explanations of the pieces we played. The husband of one of the women even made a film about it. It was a pleasant afternoon and the film showed an enthusiastic  trumpet-player and piano-player.


Harry Potter

Every time tante Daphne read aloud for Finn and Kirse the book of Harry Potter. And just now she finished the last book. Now she has the intention to read aloud “the cabin of uncle Tom” of Harriet Beecher Stowe and “Alone in the world” of Hector Malot.



There I sat with Finn, who had to deliver a talk about South-Korea at school. He thought it difficult to start, but bit by bit he found out how to do it. And he had a good talk his teacher said, just like his paper about South Korea which was illustrated with nice drawings drawn by Finn himself.



Together with tante Daphne, Finn and Kirse I went to the beach of Oost-Kapelle. Although the temperature of the sea-water was still very cold, Kirse jumped into the water. And Finn played football with tante Daphne. We all enjoyed the visit and at the end of the day our faces were bronzed by the sun and the wind.

foto's Oostkapelle 002foto's Oostkapelle 005foto's Oostkapelle 009


Photo’s from the past

Here eight photo’s from your stay with tante Daphne and oom Leander Mirabelle. You must have been three years old then.

G3 2e lichting 008

This is a proof that you were always fond of animals. Lying in bed with the cat “Boozul” and before the bed the jealous dog “Gaski”.

Here seven photo’s of the Efteling (amusement-park).

G3 Kiddo's 018G3 Kiddo's 022G3 Kiddo's 031G3 Kiddo's 035G3 Kiddo's 046G3 Kiddo's 048G3 Kiddo's 050

A photo of Lucas. Your little brother Robin just was born. Why did you keep your eyes closed? Because of the crying of that little brother-baby?

G3 Kiddo's 003

Mamma with Robin.

G3 Kiddo's 009


All is lost

I already saw that this well-known film would be on television and my beloved film-actor Robert Redford would play the leading part, or rather he played the only part in this film during one and a half hour.

It dealt with a sea-yachtsman who crossed the Pacific with his sailing boat. And there the boat hit a container lying in the water. The boat was damaged in such a way that it took in water. A terrible leak. And then you saw what happens, when you are all alone on a damaged boat on the Pacific. The sea yachtsman was not saved. What struck me in this film in which Redford hardly said a word, was the immense water of the Pacific. You are helpless when you don’t get help. The part played by Redford was more than magnificent.



This is a feast which was in the past devoted to the fertility. A tree was planted and people danced around the tree. They celebrated the fertility of the fields, the cattle and the human beings.

At the school of Finn and Kirse a stake was placed on the school-yard. A stake with a sundial. Thirty or forty ribbons were fastened on the stake.

meifeest 014

Every class danced its own dance around the stake with or without the ribbons. The eldest class of Finn had to perform a complicated dance in which they had to weave and later to unweave these ribbons. All the children had to be dressed in white, even the parents or the grandparents who took part of this feast. At last the eldest and the youngest pupil of the school had to let fly out four white doves. It was moving to see all these children dressed in white dancing their dances.

meifeest 002meifeest 010


Long ago

It was fifteen years ago that we saw him. Adrie. In the past he and opa played football in the same team and they together often played football on a playground near our home in Rockanje. One and a half year ago his wife Alie died. And now unexpectedly he came to visit us. It brought us back to Rockanje. To the time that opa played football with Adrie and Wim. Adrie promised us to come another time with Wim and his wife Marinda.


Mrs. De Snaijer

We celebrated her ninety-third birthday. There she sat fragile, but still bright. She isn’t able to swim anymore, but still is bright and interested if we heard already anything of the three of you.


A research for the economical development of the time after the second World War

When Niek, opa’s colleague of school comes we are always discussing diverse topics. Niek was teaching economy. One of his special topics is the economic development. Together with others he is doing research after the economy of countries in which just like The Netherlands 85% is living since long time in rather good economic conditions after the second World War. Even the economy in some countries is still growing. What are the mechanisms? How does that work in America and how in Brazil, where economy is stagnating at this very moment? What is a good parameter of a good economy?  Next year Niek will visit us again. Then we will hear more about the research.


The director of Finn’s school is killed

Imagine the director of Finn’s school is killed. There are six suspected persons, there are six locations where the victim might be killed and there are six possibilities how the suspected person might have killed the victim.

1980-01-01 00.00.15

Here on this photo tante Daphne is telling about the murder. It is Finn’s birthday-party and he and his boy-friends had to solve the murder. And they did. Meanwhile we biked to the beach of Oost-Kapelle and stopped every now and then to continue the game. It was really enjoying.

1980-01-01 00.00.16


VWO-advice and playing in the orchestra of adults

Also the CITO-test showed that Finn is able to go to the Scientific Education. He really appears to be clever and at the same time he learnt that he was the only one of the youth-orchestra who is promoted to the adult orchestra, because of his good results on the flute.


Finn’s birthday

1980-01-01 00.00.12

The thirty first of May Finn became twelve years old. Sunday the twenty ninth of May his birthday was celebrated. Before that day I helped to prepare Finn’s birthday. I did some shopping, baked pies and prepared food. We really were quite busy. Meanwhile we thought about the next year, when Finn will be at the Secondary School.

1980-01-01 00.01.151980-01-01 00.00.37


The Netherlands

Typhoon is a well-known Dutch rapper. Because he was driving a luxurious car he was stopped as a suspected person by the police. Ethnical profiling it is called, because Typhoon is from Surinamese origin. Typhoon told the police that he honestly earned the money for the car and the police made his excuses for his mistake. But the incident gave a start to the discussion about discrimination in the Netherlands. Because why is unemployment higher among Dutch people of foreign origin? Why are they suspected earlier of crimes? It is necessary to think about these things and to fight against discrimination.


The United States

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are fighting for the highest place in the Democratic Party. Although Hillary seems to win the combat, Bernie Sanders continues fighting. During his fight he met with strange things such as the super delegates who automatically vote for Hillary. He asked for explanation. Bernie Sanders is beloved by young and intelligent American people who are approving his message of measures of preventing climate change, and his fighting against extension of nuclear energy, and his promoting of universal health care and of the marriage of homo sexuals.  And as you ask for my opinion? I should like he would win.

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