Mamma already noticed that the kidnapper was blackening William and her when he was still in Holland. Because why didn’t Mirabelle dare coming to stay with her and William? Why was Robin afraid when he was staying the last time with her and William? The three of you were not behaving the same to her like before, we conclude afterwards. Quickly after mamma’s death it became clear to us that it was not a fake thought that you were brainwashed but real. And I only saw before that the three of you were so fond of mamma, that you were not afraid when I was with you! Look at the mail Mirabelle should have sent to Finn on the 13th of June 2009, two and a half months after mamma’s death:


Aan: Finn van der Stoep

Hallo tante Daphne finn en kirse, de school is de leukste school oid (sorry ik kan niet so goed nederlands schrijven) iedereen wil met mij speelen ook kinderen van andere klassen m. ( is the kidnapper) gaat voor 2 kittens zoeken. Lucas is heel goed in schrijven rekenen en lezen waar zijn finn en kirse goed in?

Oma zijn en opa zijn an het liegen pappa zorgt heel goed voor ons hij slaat ons niet geeft ons genoeg te eten en geeft ons en warm bad want mama had dat niet gedaan. Voor: lieve tante daphne lieve finn en lieve kirse gefeliciteerd!!!


And we had to believe that Mirabelle wrote this mail herself? Opa was the first one who concluded it could not be Mirabelle who wrote this mail, because of the expressions “zoeken voor” en “de leukste school oid”, which are typical English expressions, literary translated into Dutch.

And tante Daphne said Mirabelle couldn’t have written this mail, because Mirabelle knew Kirse at that time was too little to be already “goed in iets”.

“Papa zorgt heel goed voor ons hij slaat ons niet etc.” In this mail the kidnapper suggested that mamma and William should be ill-treaters. Later especially I would be described as ill-treater. Here you see the effect of the brainwashing of the kidnapper: blackening mamma’s, William’s and my name and covering the negative influence of the kidnapping. When I think of my own parents? Yes, they gave me a slap sometimes; but when I think back to these moments it was necessary to stop me from behaving annoyingly. It doesn’t make them less for me, because I had the loveliest parents of the world. So, the kidnapper was exaggerating this rare giving a slap saying it was ill-treating with the intention to destroy the lovely image of first your mother and later of me.

By the way, indeed there was not enough warm water at the Frank van der Goesstraat, but mamma thought it was not worth to fix it, because it was only some time that the three of you would come to live in a very luxurious house with William with sufficient warm water. Besides, I couldn’t believe Mirabelle would blame her mother writing she didn’t give her a warm bath so shortly after her death. I know for sure that her mother’s death and the missing of her mother didn’t make her saying something like that of her mother. I know for sure she in that time dearly wanted to have back her mother. And I know for sure mamma should have taken care for warm water by heating some for you.

Why was this mail sent?

I sent a mail to your grandparents, because we heard not anything of you. The kidnapper promised us to give opportunity to have contact with the three of you, but not anything happened. So he also promised school that Mirabelle would write a mail. She never did. That’s why I sent the following mail to your grandparents on the 12th of June 2009:


Dear M. and A.,

Up till now M. doesn’t take initiatives to let his children have contact with us and we are very, very worried about them. Therefore we approach you with the most urgent request to do your utmost to let us have contact with our grandchildren. We don’t want to prosecute M. because of all he has done. The grandchildren have already lost their mother and it is not our intention to put him behind bars, because then the children will miss their father too. But you must agree with us that it is not healthy for the children that they are totally cut off from their childhood in Holland and from all the persons to whom they were attached in the nearby past after the drama they just had gone through.

We hope you will convince M. that it is important for the children that they must have at least some contact with us. That they don’t wonder now because they have no contact, if the people in Holland love them and miss them. We will stress to them that all these people are all the time busy to get in contact with them, because they love and miss them very much. And also that their mother loved them very much.

We think it is your and our joint intention as grandparents to do everything what is necessary for the wellbeing of our grandchildren. All authorities who engage themselves with children say that the current situation is damaging for our grandchildren without contact with us. Therefore we ask your help to convince your son that it is the best for the children to have contact with us.



Arie and Heleen van der stoep,

also like you grandparents of Mirabelle, Lucas and Robin

and parents of Judith


And what did your American grandfather write back?


Saturday, June 13 2009

Dear Mr and Mrs Van der Stoep,

I have forwarded your letter to M. (the kidnapper)




You understand. I send a mail to your grandfather on the 12th of June, he forwarded this mail and then spontaneously Mirabelle should have sent that mail to Finn, tante Daphne and Kirse? No one believed that. It was to intimidate us and to cover his own behavior. It looked like war, whereas we only wanted to make contact with you. Nothing else.


By the way, here you can see how the strategy of the kidnapper worked. Firstly he said bad things about mamma and William, perhaps already of opa and me (I haven’t any proof of that). Consequence: you became too afraid to stay with mamma and William in the time the kidnapper was already in the Netherlands. It was also in this time that Mirabelle had to accuse her own mother of abusing her. I can’t believe she would have done so when her father didn’t press her to do so. Then, after the kidnapping, after much pressure of us to give any reaction of contact: the kidnapper himself sent a so-called mail of Mirabelle, a clear mail written by himself as I explained. The next step is, that the three of you were so brainwashed that you really believe we are ill-treaters. Then the bonds are totally cut. A real horror-scenario. Will that happen? We will see.



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