June 2014

June 2014

We had beautiful weather in June. Opa and I now nearly live outside, only we sleep in the house. Around five o’clock in the morning it’s already light and after ten o’clock in the evening the sun is only setting. Early in the morning, but also in the evening we enjoy the scent of the honeysuckle which is flowering near the door of the scullery.

Eating in Lage Zwaluwe

Opa and I celebrated the finishing of opa’s editor-in-chief ship with a small simple dinner in a restaurant near the harbor of Lage Zwaluwe. It’s possible to make a guided trip by boat there to the Biesbosch. We’ll make such trip with friends once.


Finn now is permitted to walk without crutches, but at the school-yard where schoolchildren are playing and running it’s better to use still his crutches. So bit by bit Finn is recovering.

Flute and clarinet

Finn and Kirse finished their recorder-lessons and were allowed to choose for another wind instrument. Finn chooses the flute and Kirse the clarinet. And Kirse had her first clarinet lessons. It quite seems already nice to hear, because when some background music is playing Kirse has to play so now and then only one note. It’s good for the training of blowing and counting and it sounds nicely.

Finn has to wait still for his first lesson.

Your birth announcement cards

Here you can see your birth announcement cards. Mamma made them herself.

The first one is Mirabelle’s. In it you find a stork with a small letter in her bill. On it is written: May the 21st , fourteen minutes past seven, 3370 grams.

In the card is written: Mirabelle

This week I like to recover  from giving birth to, but after that week biscuits with aniseed comfits (typical Dutch tradition) are waiting for you.


On this photo you can see mamma pregnant of you, dear Lucas, making your birth announcement card.

It is this one.

In it mamma wrote this:

Much too early, so quite unexpected he was there. On the seventh of November, your grandson. But with his 49,5 centimetres and 3570 grams he might be there.

Love. The mother of Lucas.

The last one was yours, Robin. Mamma was very busy at that time after returning from Australia to find a house to give birth to you. Dear Femke helped her to find one on the Roosestraat 393 in Rotterdam. In no time she furnished the house. She was also busy at that time with her study to become a nurse. So she was more than busy while also Mirabelle and Lucas cost a lot of time, because they were only little children. Still she found time to make your simple birth announcement card.

In it was written:

Born on July the tenth at five minutes to eight in the evening

Robin Nathaniël


Awal often came with us when he lived in Rockanje. Once he fled from Togo where reigned a dictator. He knew mamma very well.

Every now and then he phoned in the first time we lived in Hooge Zwaluwe. But there came a time that we only sent Christmas cards to each other, till he wrote that he should like to receive our telephone number, which he had lost. Then at the beginning of this year he phoned and I told him about the sad death of mamma. He was totally shocked, he told me two weeks ago. He couldn’t forget mamma’s death. He still saw mamma when you lived in Rotterdam, where he is living too.

By the way the eldest daughter of Awal passed her high school. I am so proud of Awal and his children.


Kirse appeared to be very clever with arithmetic. When she is ready she helps other children who have got problems with arithmetic. Like tante Daphne she is also very neat.

Tante Domien

Tante Domien, my eldest sister, got 71 years old. She celebrated her birthday on the same day, which was Sunday. As well Joleen, her daughter, as Peter, her son, came. Peter still remembered the lots of fun he had with mamma when he stayed with us in his childhood.

When tante Renske organized a special day for all the cousins, nephews and nieces, mamma and the three of you got a lift to Rotterdam of Peter.

I quite enjoyed the birthday of tante Domien, not only because I saw Joleen and Peter and their partners, but also Joleen’s children Ymke and Simon, and Peter’s children Otto and Elizah.

Sint Jansfeest

Finn and Kirse celebrated Sint Jans feest at school. The feast celebrates the birth of John the Baptist. It is in reality the feast of midsummer. Parents and children are decorated with summer flowers. And every parent prepared some food for a great feast meal. There is also lit a bonfire. Kirse jumped over this fire together with other children.

And after eating tante Daphne played theatre on a farmer’s cart together with other parents. She likes to play, like mamma did. Tante Daphne was the angry stepmother out of the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel.

Meneer Van de Loosdrecht and mevrouw Van Heusden

Yes, you are reading it right. We spoke with Mr. Van de Loosdrecht and Mrs. Van Heusden, the headmaster and internal counselor of the Johan Frisoschool. They still remember the sudden departure of the three of you with Mark in February 2009. They still remember that short after that departure mamma died. All the children of school, but also the schoolteachers were shocked. Mrs. Van Heusden still has a box full of letters of the children of your classrooms in which they said you goodbye. Especially to you Mirabelle, because Mark promised school you should write a letter to the boys and girls of your classroom. And then they would have your address. There never came a letter of you. So Mrs. Van Heusden put the letters in a box and hopes so dearly that once she can give these letters to the three of you.

Mrs. Van Heusden said she liked mamma. She said that mamma could have been one of her girl-friends. She cried a lot about mamma’s sad death.

Open garden day

One of the ladies of my swimming club invited me for the open garden day. I went there with my girl-friend Ada. It was such a nice weather that day and the garden of Jopie, the lady who invited us, was so beautiful and large. Except for the nice layout I admired also her selfmade ceramic ducks placed in the garden on several spots. At the end we were offered some drink with a small biscuit by Jopies husband and had a talk with him.

We also went to the garden of the former hotel “De Waard” of Hooge Zwaluwe. There you could still see the wall where was the former channel of Hooge Zwaluwe.


Ada and her partner Matti invited us to go with them to Gent, an old beautiful city in Belgium. We enjoyed it a lot.

Here a photo of the Sint Baafs Cathedral with the well known triptych of the Lamb of the Lord by the Eyckbrothers.

Here opa and I on a bridge.

Here a beautiful panorama of Gent.

In Gent every Sunday morning there is a market with all kinds of plants and flowers. I bought two garden plants and one bouquet of red gladioluses.

The Netherlands

The people in the Netherlands are under the spell of the World Cup of Football in Brazil. Streets and houses are decorated with orange flags (color and back name of our king). And during the matches you can find no one in the streets. It totally silent, except when the Netherlands are making a goal.

The Dutch team is still winning, but will they win the World Championship? What do you think?

United States

Because of the seventieth birthday of D-Day President Obama was in France on the fifth of June. To remember the peace that came that day, when the allies conquered Europe. But President Obama has to talk then with President Putin of Russia who just annexed the Krim. They had a small talk President Obama and President Putin, but what will happen with the Ukraine where the influence of Russia is great. Will President Putin annex the East of Ukraine either?

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